Jeremy Hodges



Wow! Looks like you have found my personal space on the inter-webs, so I guess I should go ahead and introduce myself. As you should have already guessed, my name is Jeremy, and the server we are on right now is Fluffy. He is a short, spunky lil Apple Mini server that we have high hopes will soon take over the world, until then he can at least host my website. He's not the only one in the clan though, there is also an IBM Xseries for Windows and Linux haggling, and an Apple Xserve for maybe one day hooking up an Xgrid. As you can see technical is my game, I have a passion for just learning how things work, and to make sure they keep working. This website is a way for me to channel my passion to the outside world around me, so people can see what I'm working on or just how I'm doing. So go ahead feel free to look around, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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Easy Tech Bench

Easy Tech Bench is a web based prototype decision support tool to assist managers and technicians in formalizing a procedure and priority protocol for scheduling computer repairs in a more efficient manner. The tool was developed to assist stake holders determine work flow schedules reflective in the type of repairs and customer requests. Among other variables formalization of an initial scheduling process took into account current pc repair, inventory, technician work schedules, and time estimates for specific repairs. The prototype application produced an increase in technician efficiency and level of throughput. It reduced repair expenditures and included backend code that will allow for its integration into a more comprehensive future application.

  • Submited to S.E. Informs for publication
  • Used HTML, PHP, CSS, JQuery, MySQL
  • Documented current upper control limits, lower control limits, and throughput

Sparrow Web App

Web based application developed for the Radford Biology department. Designed so that researchers can easily retrieve data from a remote bird feeding station. The application would communicate to a Java based robot that would determine feed, group, and the type of drug to administer. This robot will then feed back results to a front end gui so that biology students with little technical knowledge can intuitively navigate to retrieve desired data.

  • Used HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, and MySQL
  • Exported data as a .csv so students could us data in various research.

NRVCS Job Application System

Helped develop and create a Job Application System for the New River Valley Community Services website. This system would allow applicants the ability to search and apply for jobs online while providing users to create a username and password so they could log back in to apply for other positions or check the status of submitted applications. This was a two part system, the front end was created for general users of the website, while we also created a back end for the staff of NRVCS, that would allow appropriate members to log in and review, sort, and process submitted applications.

  • Used HTMP, PHP, CSS, Javascript, and MySql
  • Used SHA1 to properly hash data that was being used for verification purposes only.